Energy Boost

December 5, 2012

One of the primary roles of a leaders is to ensure that energy is expended in the right direction.

Visionaries see what energy will be needed to accomplish something that hasn’t happened yet. Managers help others devote energy to the primary efforts of an organization. A faithful employee understands their task, and commits their energy to faithfully fulfilling their part on the team. When a team is aligned, more is accomplished with less, and there is then more energy to do more.

Energy, like time, is a finite commodity. Like time that passes by, once energy is spent, it can not be regained. It makes sense then, that a successful group, family or organization would excel at both managing their time and their energy.

But we want an energy boost.

American spends over 9 billion dollars annually on energy drinks, and coffee is one of the worlds largest shipped goods. Athletes use various substances to gain an energy edge.

Several things a leaders can do to keep or regain much needed energy:

1. Sleep. This is obvious, but in order to sleep eight hours, you need eight hours in a row dedicated to being in a quiet room somewhere. I can’t tell you how many people are frustrated that they didn’t get enough sleep, yet they didn’t allow themselves the chance.

2. Sabbath. Is there a day where you do no work? God rested from his work, and wants us to as well. Laugh, play, read, relax. Turn off the electronics and spend more time with family and friends.

3. Stay hydrated. No one is forcing you to drink water, so you have to do it yourself. Your organs don’t need to purify liquid that is already clean, so help them out once in a while and drink enough water. I just went to a high school that had a color coded pee chart on top of the urinals, and as helpful as it was I decided to not include that here.

4. Take naps. Maybe not every day, but seriously, looking back now, wasn’t that the best part of kindergarten?

5. Eat right.  Know what goes in your body. Amazingly, adults are surprised that food with no nutritional content does not give them energy. Really?

6. Spiritual disciplines. Pray. Read and meditate on God’s Word. Practice silence. Fast from something. Amazingly there are some great spiritual things you can do that will make you feel more like you. These may seem like a burden, but practicing them regularly will free burdens, and hopefully allow you to hear more from our source of all rest, God.

7. Stay obedient. Nothing saps or drains energy like bad choices. Guilt is a horrible energy drain. Needing to ask forgiveness or practicing unforgiveness  is a terrible burden. When we sin, we waste energy that could have been spent on other stuff. Sounds simple, but there is no energy drink for that. When leaders make mistakes, everyone sees. So do yourself a favor and make it right, quickly.


8. Change of scenery. I ask people how they most easily with God, and the most frequent answer I get it “out in nature”. A five minute walk outside has great positive effects on your brain, and 40-60 minute walks have tons of health benefits. Get outside, and get into God’s creation. You will see an immediate difference in your rest and attitude.

9. Laugh. What is it that makes you laugh? Figure it out, and remember to do it. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and they are right.

10. Play. Really, take a recess from life and play. 15-minutes. I dare you.

What things do you do to keep or regain energy?


  1. I like to go for runs! Sometimes cleaning helps too!:)

  2. Thanks Derek. Great post. I find that, when stressed, focusing on breathing deep and slow, and being still, helps a great deal.

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